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The podiatrist is the foot specialist, his goal?

Relieve your various symptoms in order to restore the balance of your foot. It is aimed at the Athlete, the child, the elderly or simply to provide additional comfort to the patient. The podiatrist has the possibility of making orthopedic insoles in order to relieve hallux valgus deformation, lower limb pain, lumbar pain, static disorders, foot and gait deformities, circulatory disorders of the lower limbs.

During the session, the podiatrist first of all carries out an in-depth anamnesis (discharge assessment, weight assessment, gait assessment, pedometric analysis). Thanks to this, he will be able to draw up, in addition to the patient's general data, an inventory of data based on the history and origin of the patient's pain.

Podiatry in diabetic patients

It is strongly advised to have a podiatric check-up at least once a year. The care of the diabetic foot is carried out by a multi-professional team, the pedicure-podiatrist is one of them, his role is curative and preventive. Indeed, its purpose is to correct the static disorders of the foot in order to preserve its trophic integrity in order to avoid any overpressure that may degenerate into an ulcerative wound (so-called atonic wound). A thorough neurological and podiatric examination will be performed to determine and quantify the potential impact on the patient.


The podiatrist pedicure is also required to provide care to children. Frequent follow-ups will allow the podiatrist to advise the child on his care. Foot problems can appear from birth. They therefore require immediate attention because the younger the bones, the softer they are, an advantage in responding perfectly to treatment and possible correction.


Sports Podiatry

Sports medicine being very complex, it is important to combine reflexes and prevention to avoid injuries. The sports podiatrist, in addition to the attending physician, physiotherapist or osteopath, will remain at the center of the preparation and monitoring of the athlete.

  • Foot, knee, hip pain, Pain (toe, ankle, heel)
  • Back pain, Foot valgus, knee valgum
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Shin splints, compartment syndrome
  • Malformation / deformity of the foot
  • Change in approach
  • Growth osteochondrosis, Sever's disease (heel pain in children)
  • Flat feet, hollow feet, Calcaneal spur
  • Etc.…..
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